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Annual international festival of multimedia art


The works that take part in the competition programme are those that have successfully passed the preselection procedure. Accordingly, the festival participant is the author of the work that has passed the preselection.
Preselection procedure — is a procedure of selecting from all the sent works the ones that will take part in the competition programme. The preselection is carried out by the selection committee, which consists of the organizing committee representatives. Usually it takes place two weeks before the festival. After that the list of the works, that will be viewed by the jury members is published on the website.
The works are mainly evaluated on meeting the technical requirements, moral, ethical code and legislation (more detailed information you can get from the FESTIVAL REGULATIONS). Besides, because we frankly believe, that we feel the festival spirit best of all (that's why it is loved by the guests and participants for many years already) and we want to continue this, we keep the right to accept or not accept the works (sometimes even bcause they are too good). Moreover we can advise the author to transfer their work into a dfferent nomination or ajust it to meet the technical requirements.
And “too good” works may be advised to take part in the out-of-competition programme.