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Annual international festival of multimedia art

27.04.2014 18:50

Renewed Festival

Renewed Festival

Festival development, works, and general impression of Vologda have been discussed at the press conference today.

Maksim Petryaev, director of «Multimatograf», told us about new things held at the anniversary festival, such as a round table on multimedia trends and pitching, where the authors could present their works to international experts and get their support. Thanks to our VJs from France, Vologodians and visitors of the city got to see architectural mapping. Maksim also mentioned that, for the first time in the festival’s history, there was a special person engaged in pre-selecting works.

The idea of promoting this practice was supported by a scriptwriter, director, and actor Roman Artemyev. He wished the festival to receive works of higher and higher level each year and promised to help with it.
Camera operator Sergey Astakhov believes that it is right and important to develop cinematography in small towns with a fresh perspective.

«I don’t know what I am doing here, I just sell shoes!», says Jymn Magon, creator of «DuckTales». «But jokes aside we don’t have this kind of festival in the USA, so it has been an interesting experience for me». Magon has noticed that everything was well-planned and organized. He admires Vologda and is even afraid that he may be disappointed when he arrives to Moscow.

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