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Annual international festival of multimedia art

26.04.2014 21:12

You need to learn how to make stools

You need to learn how to make stools

In the evening there was a lecture about the methods of teaching art of cinematography in Hollywood and the latest trends in the field of filmmaking read by producer Andrey Kim and screenwriter Maxim Voskoboev.

Andrey and Maxim graduated from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. They have a great working experience in the film industry in Russia and abroad. According to the lecturers, learning from masters such as Paul Brown and Ginny Donoho gave them a lot. They learned how to make a finished product on their own.

Hollywood Film School is completely different from Russian. For example, in Russia it is forbidden for students of acting faculties to act in films, whereas in America it is obligatory. Future Hollywood stars know precisely that their profession is hard work first of all, so you first need to learn the basics, and only after that you can add creativity. "To create a Venetian chair you need to learn how to make stools" Andrey and Maxim repeated these words several times.

At the lecture there was a discussion about the current state of cinema. Recently Russian films are being built according to the Western model. Experts can just predict which plot twists or key points will happen at this or that minute, however the presence of this cliche in the movie does not make it less interesting for the viewer.

Tomorrow at 2PM Andrey Kim is going to talk about production of short films.

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