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Annual international festival of multimedia art

26.04.2014 20:04

Igor Kovalyov: "Art is the energy of happiness"

Igor Kovalyov: "Art is the energy of happiness"

Animation artist, director and scriptwriter Igor Kovalyov talked today to the visitors of "Multimatograf" and discussed commercial and amateur animation. After that everyone could see his works.

Igor started making animation at the age of 17. He moved to Moscow together with his friend, another artist, Aleksandr Tatarskiy and founded the first non-state animation studio in the USSR, called "Pilot". Kovalyov took part in creating such popular cartoons as "The Adventures of Captain Wrungel", "Plasticine Crow", "Investigation Held by Kolobki".

Igor divides his works into commercial and amateur ones. According to him, when creating a commercial video it is important to know who your target audience is. 90% of your success depends on the script. The story in a commercial work must be concrete and easy to understand.

Amateur films are made for the author himself. They are his toy, he can express his feelings through them. If the audience like them, it is great, but they are, above all, a way of self-expression. The principle of creation is absolutely different: the story starts not from an idea, but from some detail that has caught the author’s attention. Amateur movies are not to be sold, but the artist cannot help making them over and over again, for art is the energy of happiness.

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