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Annual international festival of multimedia art

26.04.2014 18:25

Co-production pizza

Co-production pizza

The famous producer Heather Kenyon has revealed secrets of successful media product sales and told us about the breakthrough in the TV show field and ways of getting money for your production.

Did you know what you need to know when you apply your project to a TV channel? First, you need to know everything about the channel: its history, image, peculiarities of giving information. Even channels for kids have their own specifics. Disney broadcasts nice and kind shows which encourage the idea that all dreams can come true. Nickelodeon is more down-to-earth; comedy cartoons prevail, so that you feel that it is fun to be a kid.

Then you need to clearly determine your genre and target audience. "If someone comes up to me and says that he has a great idea for children from 2 to 12, I understand that they know nothing about shows!"

Children in different countries are not the same. In Britain they grow faster than in the USA, says Kenyon. If an American show is made for kids under 12, not a single British kid over 9 would ever watch it. It is not only the age that matters. American kids are more conservative and religious while British children are more prudent and cynical.

She also discussed serious changes regarding TV in general, since it has become less popular. Nowadays we watch TV while using a few more devices at the same time. "I have some friends whose children’s first word was not "mom" or "dad", but "iPad".
Among other things, Heather Kenyon told us how to get enough money for your project: "Never spend your own money!" She named 8 ways of collaboration, co-pro, which remind her of pizza slices. They are, for example, work with a TV channel, sponsors and funds, toy companies, private investors and so on. The key point is to use all of these ways as if making the whole pizza — 100% of your budget.

Tomorrow, on the last day of the festival, Heather will hold another workshop "How to Create a Pitching Bible" and tell us how to present your show at a TV channel.

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