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Annual international festival of multimedia art

26.04.2014 12:06

Mapping: how to turn a plane surface into art

Mapping: how to turn a plane surface into art

We had a workshop "Stage design and video mapping" by our guests from Strasbourg Jeremie Bellot, Sebastien Schanbel, Josselin Fouche. They told how to create an amazing light show with the use of simple objects and animated video projections. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these projections with your own eyes in Russkiy Dom today at 10PM.

Mapping is a 3D projection on an object. It can be anything — from a cardboard box, painted in white, to the bust of Lenin. Guys told us that they often project animation on Ikea panels: they are easy to rebuild, depending on the size of the stage and video artist goals. They assemble everything themselves, because it doesn’t matter how good the structure looks — the projection creates a show.

Mapping can be integrated perfectly into an existing installation, choreography or DJ set. In France our guests work with famous musicians, do shows at clubs, art galleries. It is important for mappers to use safe materials and coordinate their work with the rest of the technical staff, especially light technicians.

Tomorrow our French guests also hold a workshop where they will tell in detail how to do architectural mapping. Workshop beginnings at 10AM.

Do not forget to watch a mapping demonstration today at 10:00PM at the main entrance of the Russkyi Dom.

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