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Annual international festival of multimedia art

25.04.2014 22:25

Cartoons for all tastes

Cartoons for all tastes

If you have been working all day today, do not miss the opportunity to visit the festival tomorrow. For those who are into animation, "Multimatograf" has prepared a series of different programs.

The youngest visitors are especially welcome at Russkiy Dom in the morning. At 10:30am the cartoon series "Porro the Little Penguin", "Plasticine ABC" and a new cartoon "Kit ^n^ Kate" by Toonbox studio are screened.

After seeing the novelties of Russian animation, you will have a chance to remember the good old times by watching famous Disney cartoons "DuckTales", "TaleSpin", "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" and "Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears".

At 12pm the diploma work of Sergey Astakhov’s students "Propaganda Cog" will be screened. Astakhov is famous for his work in "Brother" and "Brother-2" as a camera operator. The short film tells us about the fate of a cameraman at different times. Right after that you may discuss the movie.

At 3pm our adult visitors will see works of the "animated horror master" Kol Belov and Studio 420, famous for their commercials and top-rated cartoon series.

At 6:30pm you can get acquainted with independent animation by scriptwriter and director Igor Kovalyov. The works are "Wings, Legs, and Tales", "Hen, His Wife", "Andrey Svislotskiy" and "Milk" (16+).

Competition works in nominations "Cartoon", "Music Video", "Video-Art" are screened in "Royal Cinema". The screenings start at 10am, the ticket price — 100 rubles.





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