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Annual international festival of multimedia art

25.04.2014 22:05

Competition screenings: "Fiction Film" and "Wild"

Competition screenings: "Fiction Film" and "Wild"

During the first day of the festival, jury and audience were watching nominations in two categories: "Fiction Film" and "Wild".

Aleksei Zorin, a permanent member of the jury, shared his thoughts: "In ten years both the participants and the technical execution have changed a lot. The number of works we receive has increased tremendously. Now, probably, the only thing you can’t shoot a video with is a microwave, and that gives a great freedom to express yourself. And the coverage of the festival has also increased significantly — this year we have received works from 18 countries. Now our festival unites beginners and professionals who have already made a name for themselves. All in all, there are a lot of changes, but one thing always stays the same — the criteria that the jury uses to rate works: artistic value and the idea behind it.

During our first day we had a chance to meet nominations "Fiction Film" and "Wild". Many works had some sort of "literary" feeling to them, and it’s not just because of the fantasy based on the story "Old woman" by Kharms. Good short film are supposed to remind short stories. The themes self-awareness, twins, and internal experiences were reflected in several works.

The work "Blut eagle and pink whale" brought the strongest emotions to the audience: sincerity and beauty of the film created attentive silence in the cinema hall. Many were moved to tears by eternal values such as maternal love and the power of the little man. And after the "Stramm’s Theory" that was filled with justified special effects, many, judging by the rustling, wanted at least to google that name.

The category "Wild" gives room to films based on creative impulse, humor that is becoming banter, or things which are otherwise not always allowed in fiction film. There is sarcasm towards cliches and routine, self-irony and experiments. As Alexey Dubrovin said, it is these kind of videos that get so popular and "liked" on the internet. Some, however, are quite similar to a psychedelic journey into the depths of the author’s fantasies.

The movie "Smoke on the Water" definitely added a few minutes to the viewers’ lives — a nice funny thing in the best of traditions in short films; by Peter Greenaway. No less laughter received the work "Beetle".

Summarizing everything, almost every film was great in a technical sense. But, as Alexey Zorin said, a movie is, first of all, a story. And Stories (with the capital letter "s") that you would want to share with your friends were not that common. Maybe we should look for them in the "Nonfiction film" nominations



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