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25.04.2014 19:15

To tell the truth about 3D animation

To tell the truth about 3D animation

The creators of the cartoon "Alice knows what to do!" Olga Baulina and Konstantin Anoufriev told the guests of "Multimatograf" what 3D animation is. "Honestly", — added Konstantin. We traced the workflow of a director and an art director duo on of one of the episodes of "Alice".

The creation of just one 26-minute episode takes about six or seven months. A director and an artist sometimes work together, sometimes independently: they improve the script, identify the mood and a subgenre of an episode, create a possible 2D version and together with the animators come to 3D animation. Like in any other duo, the director and the artist use their own language. Olga and Konstantin communicate by images or so-called references. Desired locations, tiny things and buildings they find in movies, games and on photos. Thus they understand "which way to think".

Several variants of episode fragments were shown at the workshop from scheme drawings, where it was difficult to understand whether it is a cup or a spaceship, to final very detailed images.

The cartoon series "Alice knows what to do!" has been produced for two years, during this time 9 episodes were released. You can watch them on youtube or STS channel.

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