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Annual international festival of multimedia art

25.04.2014 11:59

Welcome to the festival!

Welcome to the festival!

The 10th Festival “Multimatograf” has started. During these three days we are going to have interesting meetings, educational workshops, amazing light shows and much much more.

The representatives of the city administration, experts from the U.S. and France, and director of "Multimatograf" Maxim Petryaev congratulated participants and guests with the opening of the festival. Maxim Petryaev noted that the festival always has a friendly atmosphere, so he asked to address him as an equal. And a good friend of “Multimatograf” - VJ, Gaël Abegg Gauthey, promised to prepare something special for the gala concert.

Russkiy Dom is already welcoming everybody. The retro computers exhibition is open, mappers are working hard, creating visual projections on the most unexpected surfaces. Festival jury has already started watching pre-selected works. Feel free to join them. Screenings are held at “Royal Cinema”.

Welcome to the festival!

Read the program and join us.

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