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Annual international festival of multimedia art

14.04.2014 15:44

Experts of the festival. Why do we mention “Disney”?

Experts of the festival. Why do we mention “Disney”?

Creator of “The Duck Tales” Jymn Magon  is coming to the 10th Festival “Multimatograf”. During his work at Disney he also took part in creating other well-known cartoon series, e.g. “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”, “ Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers”, “ The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, “Goof Troop”. Now his troop will share its knowledge with us.

We expect more than 20 experts who will take part in educational program of the festival, hold workshops, lectures, present their own videos. Among them there are:

— Igor Kovalyov, production designer, animator, director, script writer.  He took part in creating such cartoons as “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel”, “Plasticine Crow”, “Wings, legs and tails” and many others. He will give a lecture on comparing commercial and author animation”.

— Sergey Astakhov , cameraman. He has a lot of awards of the highest quality for his work in Alexey Balabanov’s films “Brother”, “On the uglies and people”, “The War”, and also “The Boundary. Taiga story”, “Metro”. He will hold a workshop on the work of a cameraman at a shooting area and tells about special equipment.

Three VJs are coming from Strasbourg: Jeremie Bellot, Sebastien Schnabel, Josselin Fouche. They will make show with the help of mapping during all days of the festival, open some professional secrets at their workshop. There will be one more VJ from France who is known to the visitors of “Multimatograf” – Gaël Abegg Gauthey. This time his workshop will be devoted to visual art in theatre.

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