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Annual international festival of multimedia art

To Participants

The call for entries for the tenth «Multimatograf» is open!

We accept works in six nominations this year. Four of them are familiar to you: Cartoon, Music Video, Video-Art and Wild. Also we divided Short film into two parts: Fiction film and Documentary. Creative approach, innovation and experiments are welcome. The deadline is the 9th of April inclusive. Participants can sent not more the 4 pieces of work and not more than 2 pieces to one nomination.

Winners will be defined and awarded by the qualified jury during the festival which will take place in Vologda on April, 25-27th. Admission to all events in the program of the festival is free for participants.

If you want to become a participant you need:
1. Register at the site of the festival, create a private office.
2. Fill in as many sections as possible at your private office. The most important thing is to download screenshot o your passport. We do not accept works without it.
3. Get a message from our moderator that you may send a link to your work (or works).
4. Download your work (or works) at internet sharing service and give us a link. Download a screenshot illustrating your work (800 ppi in horizontal and 600 ppi in vertical).
5. Get a new status of your work— «Waiting for preselecting» (can be seen in the bottom of the profile work. We will inform you about the day of preselecting in additional message.

For further information please read Festaval’s regulations, Copyright agreement.