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Annual international festival of multimedia art

About the festival

What is «Multimatograf»?
«Multimatograf» is a meeting place for international community of media artists, directors, producers, developers, researchers, scientists and businessmen in the sphere of multimedia. It is a place where new ideas and relations are born and spread in the multimedia world after the festival.
It is also a popular festival which attracts a lot of people who are interested in self-development, educational pastime or just immersion to the unusual environment.
What is NOT «Multimatograf» and never will be?
Mainstream, pomposity and snobbery.

Competition of creative works
«Multimatograf» is a festival of works created in a special form, i.e. short films. Short film is an element for students, newcomers and experimentalists. «Multimatograf» plays a role of a barometer showing the new trends which are born now and will be widespread in several years.
Competition is held in six nominations:
— Non-fiction short film,
— Fiction short film,
— Cartoon,
— Video art,
— Clip,
— Wild.
Details of works applications are given on page For participants.

Events at «Multimatograf»
Categories we are glad to welcome at the festival are: media installations, media performance, demoscene, VJ-ing, sound art, web-art.
— cultural and educational campus with workshops, meetings with artists, lectures,
— performance of works from other festivals and author performances of Russian and foreign directors often in a presence of authors themselves,
— parties,
— exhibitions of digital and media art under the motto «May be touched» including the North-West largest exhibition of working retro computers,
— international camp for volunteers.

Mission and politics of «Multimatograf»
Mission of the festival is creating an international centre of multimedia development in Russia and especially in the city of Vologda. Our goal is to provide with support those people whose values and principles coincide with ours in order to stimulate innovations in multimedia sphere.
Basic principles of the festival:
— freedom of self-expression, freedom of participation, freedom of will (and consequently responsibility),
— equality in access to knowledge and opportunities,
— respect to individual and individuality,
— co-participation in organizing and holding the festival. This is a declaration of the festival transparency and equality of opportunities for all interested parties who share our goals and convictions,
— and at last, so unusual value as sympathy. Work should be liked and cause response. This is also a criterion both for rating of creative works and attitude to work in general.

«Multimatograf» is a registered trademark
The first festival took place in Vologda in 2005. Since that time it has been hold there.
«Multimatograf» is a 100% civil initiative. First festivals were the result of co-work of the Vologda regional public organization «Creative union «TONNA» and multimedia studio «NorDANCE». Since 2010 the festival has been an independent legal entity and existed in a form of non-commercial partnership. The festival is mostly financed by sponsors and philanthropists and we want to thank them for their support.
You can meet the festival team here.