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Annual international festival of multimedia art

26.04.2014 17:22

Future starts right now

Future starts right now

To print a sandwich, to find your way in the city using a hologram of the area, to feel the music through your skin — all of this may be possible in the nearest future. To be trendy is one of the most important goals of a person in the modern world. The round table "Multimedia Trends" has been held at "Multimatograf".

The experts of the anniversary festival were discussing topics connected with prospects for development of the multimedia field, looking into the future which rates from 5 to 50 years.

"The future starts right now. Sometimes we don’t understand that the main currency is always other people’s attention. The most important things are happening today. Those who have filmed a good video do not try to arrange that with someone, they just upload it to some social network, thereby learning whether the viewers need that product or not", said Pavel Muntyan, the leader of Toonbox Studio.

Connections between science and technology, ways of making money from the content, looking at multimedia structures from different angles — this and many other issues have become the main topic for those who gathered at the round table.

Both Vologodians and visitors of the city can talk to our multimedia experts for one and a half days more. That is the time left until the closing of the anniversary festival "Multimatograf".

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